Thanks for the info. You’re changing lives man. Your post a couple of months back kick-started me into losing 40lbs.


You are an inspiration to lazy humans across the globe.


Nobody is commenting on those lipid panel results, not even his doctor? Those levels are outstanding, although it probably comes down to genetics more than nutrition. An LDL-p around 50s is something that healthy people would only reach through medication – if you have that by default you are a very lucky man.


Very interesting to see your progress. So much regurgitated information everywhere…it’s awesome to see what intelligent and diligent programming and conditioning achieves. Stoked you’re healthy and feeling fit. Nice #’s too, by the way!


You might want to consider crossposting this to /r/dataisbeautiful because this is intensely interesting, well-detailed, and extensively documented. Overall, it was truly compelling information.



just wanted to reach out and say thanks for your site. it seems in this day in age everything that can be said in 10 words is fleshed out to 100 for SEO or some other nonsense reason. your site is on point, information is bang on and not verbose.

great style my friend, thank you.

– email from Ryan

Thanks @phloating_man. I think your story is the first to make me a true believer.


why is this post weird? – albertowtf

For me, it was the point where he talks about the protein farts, and it reminded me of that guy years ago that posted pictures of underwear he’d literally farted holes in. You just get every little detail; warts and all. Rarely do you find such frankness, and often down right absurdity, shared so openly elsewhere on the internet. its not that it’s weird- I mean, it is weird – but it’s that strange mixture of innocent obsession and a willingness to share every aspect of an experience that some of the best of Reddit encapsulates.


Eating is a hassle, especially when bulking. I would prefer it to be recreation only. This guy is my hero.


You are an absolute madlad. Very impressed by your determination and curiosity.


Reminds me of something that I would see on BodyBuilding,com or 4chan. Great work.


That’s as Spartan as it gets. Cool experiment!


Quite interesting. Very extreme but well done.


i think this is the most fascinating thing i‘ve ever seen regarding a human body holy shit


awesome experiment, i am a minimalist and enjoyed this. thanks


You’re pushing the boundaries, for better or worse.